Question How to fix Input Lag for my mouse and keyboard when playing games?


May 6, 2018
So my build is a
GPU - gtx 960 4gb
CPU - i5-6400
Motherboard - b250 gaming pro
Memory - 2x4gb
PSU - 500w
I have 3 fans in the front of my case and one in the back. I don't know why but at first when I first built my PC I didn't have any issues like this. It wasn't until later on that I randomly now have like an Input Lag with mostly my mouse and sometimes my keyboard. Whenever I start playing a game it's hard to turn, Like I will turn really slowly and not accurately, So what I usually do is I change my screen resolution and then change it back and it somehow fixes it and I can turn but then my keyboard will sometimes start to have an Input Lag issue for a bit. It gets worse with the game, I usually play Overwatch and it's not too much of an issue there, I will usually just do my usual thing and it'll fix it but in some games like Apex Legends, I will not be able to turn at all, my mouse will barely turn but my keyboard works fine, I've not been able to fix this issue. Some of my friends with worse computers then mine say they don't have an issue like mine in any game. But just in Apex, It's the worst one I have had so far because nothing will do anything to help the lag and none responsiveness If I do my normal thing of changing the resolution then it will get a bit better but not fully. I don't think it's my mouse or keyboard. I have a rival 600 mouse and a hand me down Ibuypower keyboard from a friend. I've tried looking up different things to solve this issue but none of them work, my motherboard is refurbished and so I think it may be my motherboard but I'm not sure. I want to know what I can do to help solve this issue or make it better.