How to fix my hard drive


Nov 22, 2012
I have an HP External personal media drive that is 2TB. It is unable to format to NTFS from Raw. The computer recognizes it as a healthy drive and I have tried to format it through CMD and computer management being ran as administrator and normally. I have also tried a long format and quick format and neither worked. The hard drive powers on and connects to the computer and its recognized as a healthy drive but it can't be formatted. What would I do in order to fix it? It has also been taken out of the casing to make sure all connectors were working and it is directly connected and the same result.

I have used CMD with the chksdk or however you spell it to try and format it to no avail.

I also cleaned the drive through CMD to no avail.

I used computer management to no avail.

I tried testdisk and that did not work.

Western digital data diagnostic also scanned it and said it was okay. This is also a western digital hard drive that was encased inside the HP casing. I ran a clean sweep through this program and its saying they're bad sectors. Is there anyway to format it still?

And two other third party programs. One started with ease or something and that did not work.

Is there anyway I can format the hard drive I don't care about the files as much as getting this hard drive to work. 2TB is a lot of storage.

Its not even recognized on the computer anymore so I guess its dead even though it powers up.
Some WD externals are encrypted, so when you connect them directly to a SATA port, the file system will appear as gibberish.

When you say it is no longer recognised, is this when it is inside the USB enclosure, or when it is connected via SATA?

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