How to fix Windows 10 Driver Power State Failure error (ntoskrnl.exe)


Jan 27, 2016
Hello guys. I've been busting my head off trying to find what's wrong with these BSOD's. My pc is fully updated (drivers,windows update etc). I did a clean installation like 4 days ago. The OS is Windows 10 x64 Pro(more information in the dxdiag i attached). In addition, HDD and RAM's are working perfectly. I tested them. I've noticed something when I launch League of Legends and get into the game(not the client,but in-game). Alt Tabbing to Google Chrome and browsing through it while League of Legends is running on the background makes the computer freeze for about 30-60 seconds. After that,the BSOD appears and the pc restarts. I've attached a dxdiag and a minidump from the BSOD.



I can't read dump files but this can, please download and run who crashed:
it will create a summary of error and may not just blame windows

Copy/paste results here and I see what I can do.

NTOSKRNL = New Technology Operating System Kernel = Windows. One of its many jobs is carry out driver requests, and it often gets the blame for them.
Driver power state normally refers to a driver that falls over after PC coming ouit of sleep or hibernate. so its odd you get it how you do.

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