How to get into DOS from NT???



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I can't get into DOS in any way...

* During startup I don't see any indication of which key
to press to get a) to the DOS-prompt or b) into the BIOS.
* Then I get to "choose" which operating system to start.
That is: between WinNT and WinNT (VGA-mode).
* From within WinNT there is no choice as "Restart in MS-
DOS mode".
(And I need more than a DOS-prompt from within windows.)

How do I configure the boot.ini so that I can choose MS-
DOS??? Or any other way to access MS-DOS...

(Oh, and my computer lacks the bootsect.dos...)

Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards,


Apr 7, 2004
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?)

Hi Helene,

If you don't have a bootsect.dos on the machine, then most likely it has never
had MSDOS installed - so there is no way to get to a DOS prompt, because DOS
isn't present.

There is no 'shutdown to DOS' option in NT because it is a true operating system
from the ground up, and does not have a version of DOS 'lurking' underneath
(like Win95/98 etc.. did)

There are methods of being able to add MSDOS to a prebuilt NT machine, but it is
fairly complex for a novice and involves a small element of risk. In addition,
you need to be aware that if the volumes on your Hard Drive are in NTFS format
(very likely) DOS cannot see or deal with these partitions without external
third party add-ons.

What exactly are you planning to do from the DOS prompt?