[SOLVED] How to get Rock Candy PS3 controller to be recognized by PC games?

Nov 25, 2021
I'm not sure how to get it recognized by games I want to play. My controller does get recognized by the computer and gets named.
And when I try testing/calibrating the controller in the advanced properties (from Control Panel), it does respond with the buttons and joystick movements I make.
I have tried to update drivers (they were all latest versions), uninstalled then reinstalled the USB Input Device driver.

I tried a few Steam games (Life is Strange demo and a few indie games) and Hollow Knight loaded from GOG Galaxy and Steam but it doesn't respond.

The only time it works is when I play Jet Set Radio from Steam.
I utilized SCP Toolkit for using a PS controller and porting it to 'xBox' control layout. When using with Steam I had to set to a "generic controller" in order to respond correctly.