[SOLVED] How to have drive F: and drive E: instead of Drive C: after fresh install?

Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
Hi, I'm building Windows XP pc, and going to install it on a new SSD. The purpose is to be able to play old games that I can't play anymore, because both active pc (on sig) are now on Windows 10. Also. I have a scanner that still works, but it's program only works in Windows XP. This XP pc won't be used for browsing the internet. It will be basically for playing old XP games, and to be able to use my scanner again.

now back on the question. One of the games needs specifically drive letters F: and drive E:

F: is so the game would launch, and E: so that progress will be saved.

Is it possible to have drive F: and E: on installing XP? And how to do it?

you can just mount your game folder as drive letter F and save game folder as drive letter E
open cmd and type:
subst F: C:\{pathname}\
replace pathname with you game folder path (ex: subst F: c:\games\duke3d)
same goes for E: path with savegame folder
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