News How To Make a DIY Mouse Jiggler with Raspberry Pi Pico


It is an interesting counter-position for a site that doesn't allow things such as password questions or help with cracked software to turn around and offer a tech advice column on how to fraudulently seem as if you are working.

Shame, really....
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Jan 28, 2023
mmhh.. so this is because they don't let you install software at work? and part of the solution involves installing software? i must admit that i do cobol and rpgii/iii ports to c on ibm and fujitsu systems so i have only rudimentary knowledge of python but my logic does just fine regardless. also, i don't know about the rest of the world, but all of our clients who control software installation on their windows or mac pcs have usb port blockers and only ever allow running of specific whitelisted apps. so absolutely no part of the above would work at all even if no installation was required. that's before working through remote desktop comes in the picture, as several of our clients do. a waste of an article
Feb 3, 2023
Thanks Les, I think many may find this guide useful, particularly if they work on multiple computers and are fed up with having to unlock screens every 5 minutes!
I've developed something similar using the Adafruit proximity trinkey. However because company policy prohibits the use of usb storage devices I needed to disable that capability by default in the file. Storage mode can be re-enabled by inserting the trinkey with the touch pads 1 and 2 conected together (e.g. with a paperclip) - for information the circuitpython code is below.

""" Disable USB storage file"""
import microcontroller
import storage
from digitalio import DigitalInOut, Direction, Pull

# For Proximity Trinkey connect the touch 1 and 2 pins to enable USB
output_pin = DigitalInOut(
input_pin = DigitalInOut(

output_pin.direction = Direction.OUTPUT
output_pin.value = False

input_pin.direction = Direction.INPUT
input_pin.pull = Pull.UP

# If the input pin is NOT connected to ground disable USB mass storage
test = input_pin.value
if test:
Feb 5, 2023
This is great! Based on the above article I used the Adafruit Trinkey QT2040 with the Arduino IDE to make a simple Mouse Mover with a handful of Mouse.move() statements in the loop. This has the benefit of not mounting the USB storage device. UF2 and code for the Mouse Jiggler available at
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