How to make old Acer desktop motherboard (661GX-M7) compatible with Xeon 775/dual core processor.

Dec 23, 2018
I have this motherboard from an Acer desktop, i think it is only compatible with Pentium 4 and Celeron processors. Can it be compatible with Xeon after doing a bios flash?
I looked at the CPU support for that and it doesn't even support the fastest Pentium 4 Xeons. It seems to stop at 533 fsb. Not even 667 or 1066 which the Dempsey Xeons used. That may only support 32 bit CPUs? I've had a couple P4 motherboards that would run 65nm Core 2 Extremes quite well so it's a good question. It has an SiS chipset. Haven't heard of them in a long time.

The Paladin

Acer did not produce those motherboards, ECS made the 661GX-M7
Here is the Manual :

so looking at the specifications on page 8 it clearly states;

and regarding RAM memory;

searching deeper for answers on CPU-Upgrade web site :
you can see clearly the ONLY cpus known to work on this motherboard and NONE of those include any Duo Core2 series CPUS

finally the web site of the manufacturer confirms all of these previous details
LGA775 socket for latest Intel Pentium 4 / Celeron D processor
FSB 533MHz
Supports Hyper-Threading Technology CPU
and final nail in the coffin on the subject the manufacturer has a lovely list of CPUS you can use on this motherboard