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Question How to make port forwarding work.

Apr 2, 2020
My ISP's GPON HGU Tewa 500g has micro_httd interface so when forwarding port 80 it says the router is at 80 and the webserver will be moved to 8080 but the page is still at, when I put public IP in the address bar it opens my own router's page.

When I connect another LinkSys E1200 router to the GPON with IP and dial through ppoe, I can connect to the internet, and my webserver can be reached on the local network with public IP. But I cannot open my site outside the network.

When remote management is enabled I can reach the serer:8080 to open the router page from outside the network, but still I cannot open my webserver outside the network.

I have enabled port forwarding 80 to 192.168.1.XX (server's ip), put the same IP in the DMZ but still the problem persists.

All the ports are open in my ISP as per their sayings.

I can access my site on https from outside the network and also can's access while on same network.

anyhelp will be of great help.
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