Question how to narrow down where my internet speed is bogging down

Jun 29, 2020
Hey all,
New to this forum and very excited to get learned!
the issue....TIA as well,
Ive been trying to fix an issue i have with my ISP and my networking switch which is in turn connecting to my hard line in wall ethernets and then eventually my WAP. I have limited knowledge of this stuff because im used to basic fixes (reset ips, bridge and unbridge my modem etc.) very basic knowledge in any case. My question is.... I upgraded my ISP from internet 300mbps to internet 600mbps (I am in Canada btw) and straight out of the modem is that upgraded speed. When I go to my hard lines the next floor up im getting 150 mbps max maybe from my desktop. THEN when i use my WAP on the top floor im down even more to 80mbps. I have a new build house, all Cat 6 cabling running throughout, which all leads down to my A/V rack down in the basement. It has network switches and URC and all that jazz running from it. Where do I begin to see where my speeds are getting crushed?? Im getting frustrated with this whole thing. Im also trying to semi solve it myself because it costs so much money for the dudes who installed all this stuff to keep coming out and attempting to fix it. Is it possible for me to troubleshoot this on my own and maybe fix my throttling issue?

Thanks again for any input or ideas.



Apr 26, 2020
First off WiFi is always going to be slower than a hard wired connection because of all the factors that change from one location in your home to the next.

Could you please list the model number and brand of modem, router, and switch.

1. Try plugging one ethernet cable straight from the modem to your ethernet port to test your max speed.

2. How many computers are hard wired and how many wireless?

If I was to setup your house for four hard wired computers and a WiFi signal for up to 10 devices I would have a the modem connected to a router with four wired ports that is capable of delivering the speed your ISP is providing you. I would upgrade the antennas with high range antennas that can be placed on the wall with a wire going to the connection on the router. If you are going multiple floors I would use a MESH system to extend your WiFi signal even further. I would get it all setup and working then set the router to only allow an IP address to the number of devices you need.

If you need more than four wired connections I would connect the modem to a switch capable of the 600MB speed that has enough ports for what you need and use the last port for a WAP and the mesh system.

Remember every device on your network is going to take some of the speed away as each device functions. Computers that are hard wired that don't need fast internet I would setup the metered connection so they leave the bandwidth for the computer that needs more such as game console or gaming PC.
You need to test step by step. You have way too many things in the path that can cause problems.

The key thing that is strange is difference between the cable upstairs and the cable direct.

The only difference should be the length of the cable and ethernet cable is rated to go 100 meters and still get gigabit speeds.

So are you testing with the same pc when you plug directly into the modem and upstairs. Do you have a modem or a modem/router. If you are bypassing the router maybe the router is limiting your speed.

The wifi being slower you are just going to have to live with in many cases but you should be able to get the full internet speed connected via ethernet cables anyplace in your house.

The final install should be ----isp--modem--router---switch---devices in the house.

You want to systematically test to find the problem. Maybe try a different room. It is unlikely but you could have a bad cable in the wall.