How to only run a game in windows


Jun 30, 2008
I think what he/she is asking is just running the OS and the game with no other programs running.

And yes it is possible to run bare bones. You can probably make a custom boot up so you don't have to keep turning programs off. But a simply way is to use the task manager to turn off programs you don't need but you will need to be familiar on what you can turn off.


Jun 1, 2012

Unless of course he has like 512mb of RAM

EDIT: And by 512mb I mean like 1 or 2 gigs of DDR2 in which case I think it will make a difference, depending on the game

Hi :)

I have seen customers machines running 7 on 512 ram.... VERY VERY slowly lol :)

All the best Brett :)

Then you probably don't need to worry. And Windows 7 runs on 1GB netbooks (albeit Starter Edition). It's an unholy, heinous thing to behold. I upgraded my girlfriend's to 2GB, but the Atom still makes everything an agonising crawl. Funny that a form factor concept from Microsoft would be the ideal argument for running Linux.

Wasn't ASUS the first to make netbooks?

Couldn't say - they never interested me (netbooks I mean). Obviously Microsoft/Intel wouldn't manufacture them themselves though, it was just their idea (at least that's what I heard/read). Funny that Windows 7 is probably the worst OS you could run on such limited hardware, but they decided to go ahead with it anyway. Would be so much faster on XP or Linux.

EDIT: Research reveals that Asus did indeed create one of the first (the Eee PC). Microsoft and Intel merely set the specifications of the netbook. And that Asus actually ran Linux!


Oct 10, 2012
you can do it in win8 wish i do not have but on win7 there is a Compatibility mode for every OS Down to win95 in 256 colors all programs as this Compatibility so right click on the >main< icon not the Shortcut on the desktop but in all programs, properties and Compatibility should be in there. i hope this helps. or task manager will take you to the main icon too.