Question How to properly upgrade Lenovo G580 (Model:-20157)(2689) RAM?

Jul 2, 2019
My lenovo G580 20157 comes with 4GB(1333MHz) system memory. I want to add another 8GB RAM into the second slot and make the system memory a total of 12GB. So I went in and bought this Hynix Pc31-12800s 1600Mhz (DDR3L)(Amazon link:- but when I install this in the second slot and use both the RAMs together the system becomes ridiculously slow(Windows 10 takes 15-20 mins to boot and CPU always runs at 100%). I even tried sticking 8GB in the first slot and 4GB in the second slot and vice versa, nothing works. However if I only use the 8GB Hynix RAM or the 4GB preinstalled one the system works just fine. So what is the problem here? Crucial's website shows that my laptop supports a maximum of 16GB RAM so why am I not being able to use both the RAMs together? What can I do to solve this problem? Which RAM config should I install in my laptop?

Below are the screenshot of SPD of CPU-Z for my laptop when both the RAM sticks are installed.
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