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Question How to re-inizialize a driver/device? (I suffer driver bug)


Dec 23, 2014
Hi mates, I moved an old (but quite powerful) laptop to Win10 (1909) and I have trouble with WiFi 4965AGN card, there is a known compatibility with Win10 and the card is not more supported by Intel. I tried as suggested all 64 bit driver ever, and as I realized no one solved the problem I stay now with the latest Win10 driver available. The problems I have are:

- When the PC goes in st-by mode, after wake up the card seems to work (from the device list) but it can't connect more to any wifi, it looks it doesn't transmit, it looks it is not really woke up from suspend. I've disabled the power management on the card in the driver page but it looks it didn't have the effect, there is a bug on the driver. The problem is solved and the card keep working only if I edit any parameter in the driver advanced menu and press ok; this probably makes the driver inizialize again and the device "woke up from the previous st-by"

- I can't exchange the card with another one as the BIOS whitelists all hardware existing and stop with another WiFi adapter, unfortunately. I tested it. The other solution is to use an USB WiFi card but we know they have very small antennas and it is also not comfortly to have a stick out of usb, it will become broken soon or later moving the laptop around.

- There is any support offered for my problem, kindly avoid me answers like "bring it to service", or "call HP", or "update driver" or anything like this, I just need to know if there is a way to..

QUESTION: there is any way, any command line, powershell, etc, that can simulate a driver initialization? That has the same effect like I open the device triver, change a paramenter, change it back and press OK?
I need something quick to click on my desktop that starts for example a script which releave my WiFi card.
Thank you a lot for understanding and help


DevManView has a command line option to disable then re-enable a Device. Put the program in a folder with a batch file and call it up with a command line something like the following:

DevManView.exe /disable_enable "Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet"

I have no clue if that will reset the driver but it's worth a try.