how to set a static voltage on a Gigabyte ga 970 gaming sli motherboard


Apr 10, 2016
I just want to know how to set a static voltage on gigabytes 970 gaming board. when ever I try to set a static voltage it just goes back to auto. I can use the page up/down keys to cycle through the options but my only options are auto, normal, and everything in between +0.75v and -0.75v. I have tried putting it on "+0.000v" but the voltage is still bouncing around and getting up to 1.488v in prime95. I am using an fx 8350 so this is way to high of a voltage. I have tried "normal" and again 1.488v. Even if i load optimized defaults and the voltage is set on auto, my voltage reaches 1.5v. I have tried undervolting but it often times results in a blue screen. I just want to be able to set my voltage to a constant 1.4v or something so my cpu can run a bit cooler. Any help is appreciated.


Nov 8, 2016
Hmm. Do you have the latest BIOS? I have an 990x gaming sli and i have no problem with setting the voltage to a static number. 1.48v is worthy of a 4.6+ oc. At least when youre using that much power you can try setting it to static 4.4GHz(if your cooler alows it ofcourse). This is what happened to me when I had left it at auto so monitor everything carefully:

Edit: +0.000v means 1.38v with LLC set to normal it should not go above 1.42. Set it to -0.075 and play around with LLC. I found out that Normal works best for me but you can try the other ones.

Edit 2: Just try putting it on a static clock of 4.4GHz with -0.05v or 4.2GHz with -0.075v and LLC to extreme or normal

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