how to set up old HDD after installing new SSD with Windows 10 boot.


Jun 5, 2015

I have just built a new PC with a new SSD (250 Gb) that I'm using to boot Windows 10. I have also plugged in my old HDD (that was running Windows 7) and am planning on using that for the majority of my storage, particularly games and programs while keeping my SSD for the OS and possible music and documents. But I'm not sure how to set up the old HDD.

I have all my music and documents on the old HDD as well as games from Steam and programs such as itunes. Do i need to reinstall these programs? If so do i need to delete those currently on there?

How do I transfer music and documents onto the new SSD?

Do I need to wipe the HDD and start again. If so what's the best way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.



Yes, need to reinstall programs as windows 10 doesn't know they are there. Deleting them is up to you, as all they are now is wasted space.

As for music/documents, I would leave them as is and point your library folders at them to save space on ssd. This link shows how to move the location, just point default library locations at the already created folders -

less you have on ssd, the easier it is if you ever need to reinstall windows 10

You don't really need to wipe hdd unless its got a lot of junk on it. Its doubtful that the PC will try to boot from win 7 so you could leave it there in case you ever need to use it for emergencies.

the best way to wipe it is use diskpart
open command prompt with admin rights
type diskpart and press enter
type list disk and press enter
this shows all drives available, DVD/USB and hdd, make note of hdd number
type Select disk X - where X is the number of the hdd you want to wipe, change X to that number and press enter (careful not to wipe ssd)
once the drive you want to wipe is chosen, type Clean