Question How to setup 2 laptops with 2 monitors?


Jul 24, 2006
Hello all,

As I work from home these days, I need the ability to connect a work computer (a Lenovo laptop) and a gaming laptop (alienware 15"M4) to two monitors (one is a gaming monitor primary monitor and the other monitor has an embedded webcam that I need to use for work). I would like to be able to do the following:

  1. Use two monitors with both laptops
  2. Maintain the 1440p 240Hz Gsync features of the gaming monitor
  3. Easily switch keyboard, mouse, speakers and Ethernet to be able to be used on both laptops
  4. Be able to charge both laptops
  5. The work laptop is almost always docked, but I need the ability to quickly dock the Alienware laptop
I am not super tech saavy, so please don't assume that I know what you are talking about :) Thank you so much for helping me with this.


I can't really think of an easy way without spending an awful lot of money on a KVM, and that would not work with G-Sync... KVM will physically switch over a set of peripherals between two systems. But finding late model ones compatible with high resolution and two monitors is not going to be cheap. But would be a one button solution. You would still have to plug in the laptops for power though.

You should mention the ports available on the monitors.

Display Port to the Alienware. HDMI for the other monitor.

If the monitors have additional ports, hook those up to the work laptop. Just have to switch each display input on the monitors.

A simple docking station could handle the keyboard, mouse, etc. Just a USB cable to swap between them.

Now keeping both laptops charged, well, not really a good way to handle that.

There are also wireless peripherals that can connect to multiple machines, might be worth looking into.