Question How to stop programs from pulling you out of anything you're doing?

Apr 9, 2020
With COVID-19 going around my classes have been given online, specifically using windows Teams. This program is already designed with a good amount of flaws in my opinion (or we're not using it the right way) because whenever there is a call going on I get no notification at all, which is something I wish would happen.

On the other hand, every. single. time. someone posts ONE chat message, it immediatly pulls me out of any full-screen program I'm running at that moment, and it is incredibly annoying. I don't want to turn of my messages, because I don't want to miss everything. But somehow Teams decided that just putting it in the feed wasn't enough, no it has to shove it in my face every time.

On top of that Teams doesn't even put the notifications in the feed, it decided it had to be special and has its own notification overlay. Google results aren't very helpfull, and neither are the settings in Teams as they just disable messages completely, which isn't what I want. If anyone knows how I can make sure teams doesn't pull me out of full-screen applications every time someone has to talk about their friggin cat, that would be amazing.


Take a closer look at the options and configuration settings available within Team.

There is indeed quite a bit you can control but what and how is not always readily apparent.

Here is a link to help:

And within that link there is another link, right at the beginning, "Managing notifications in Teams".

Also this link:

Obviously do not know on this end what you have configured and how you configured it.

However, use the link (and referenced links therein) to delve in a bit deeper.

Change only one thing at a time and keep track of the changes.