Question How to stop "System" use data internet ?


May 2, 2016
My internet connection uses USB modem where inside the modem is a SIM card from one of the provider available in my country.

When I was in Windows 7, I always buy/use a 2 gig internet package per month offered by that SIM card provider. And for years, it's always enough for me as I rarely stream an audio/video from the internet or download files.

Because my computer's Intel CPU is broken and in my area the computer seller doesn't have the compatible new CPU for my existing mobo, so I bought a new CPU (include mobo and RAM), this time is AMD. And this new AMD needs Windows 10.

From the internet, I know that Windows 10 is always starving for internet data crazily but can be stopped by some tweaks to disable Windows 10 using internet data.
So I follow the internet instructions on how to do it. (such as uninstall default apps, disable AutoUpdate, etc).

But it seems it's not enough, as I saw that my remaining data internet still drain so fast and too much (at least for me) especially on the "System" usage shown in Win10 Usage Details.

Today, I do a test by resetting the data usage in Win10 to zero.
Connect to the internet, Open Chrome browser, Browse to a site and download net guard application (4.2 Mb) via InternetDownloadManager (IDMan).
Disconnet the internet.

Here is the result:

Again, I connect to the internet, but this time without opening any browser
(so I don't do any browsing to the internet). After around 40 secs, I disconnect the internet.
And here is the result :

To me, it seems that Win10 is still be able to drain my data once an internet connection is established as I saw that now the "System" in the Win10 usage details increase from 34Mb to 60 Mb. Drain 26 Mb of my data just under one minute.

My question is :
How do I stop that "System" use my data internet ?

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advanced.
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Nov 15, 2014
It's probably Windows 10 downloading updates. You can stop it from using internet by disabling Windows update and Background Intelligent transfer in services. To do this Open task manager>services>open services then find both and disable them. However it's good to keep you system updated. Or just download all the available updates once then disable them until they push a major update that would be helpful for you to do things better.
Note : You have to disable both of them.


May 2, 2016
You have to disable both of them
Hi Kamal, when I go to the " task manager>services>open services", I saw both Windows Update and Background Intelligent transfer startup type is "manual".
Now I change it to "disabled" to both of them. I haven't check back by resetting the data usage. I will do it and inform you if it works.

Thank you Kamal.
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