News How To Stream Live Video From Your Raspberry Pi Camera

Mar 26, 2022
I'm very new to Raspberry Pi (and coding). I'm working on a kid's space for a new HGTV show and already used one (Pi A+) to set up a Harry Potter-style moving portrait.

I came across your tutorial and was wondering if there is a way to set it up to also play the video on a monitor off the same Pi? Basically, what I would like to do, is have a camera set up on the Pi (bonus if it can be triggered with a PIR) and stream it to the monitor with a 5-10 sec delay. With filters, even better! So the kids can stand in front of the monitor, and, for example, they wave at the monitor, it will appear to be waving back. Like Peter Pan and his shadow.

Any help or tips (or even code) would be greatly appreciated, I just had this idea this morning when I woke up, and we are doing the reveal of this house in 2 weeks, with a million other projects, so it's crunch time for me. Thanks in advance!