How to stream Xbox One in Windows 10


With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft put seamless connectivity at the center of features for the entirety of Microsoft devices. Users can now play their Xbox One console while on another device, for example a tablet device or a laptop. To stream your Xbox One game on a Windows 10 device you'll need:

a| An Xbox One console
b| A PC running off Windows 10
c| An Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller connected to your PC

With those hardware requirements out of the way, here's how you can stream the console content onto your Windows 10 platform:

[listNum=1]■Launch the Xbox App on your system

■On the app's left pane click on "Connect"

■Connect to your console making sure the PC and the Xbox One console are on the same wired or wireless network.

If your console doesn't appear in the menu then you can attain the IP for your console by going to Settings>Network>Advanced Settings within your consoles menu and on the right hand side will be the IP for your console and place the obtained IP in "Add a device" window in the Xbox app on your rig.

■You can now start streaming by clicking on "Stream" found at the top of the Xbox app.

By default the video encoding settings are set to medium quality. If you would like to increase graphical quality, first click on "Settings" on the left pane

Then select "Game streaming" in the right pane.

  • Do note:
    a| High is meant for a network where both the console and the PC are on a wired ethernet connection or the same room where the router is situated in
    b| Medium is meant for a 5GHz wireless connection whereby both the console and the machine are situated in different rooms
    c| Low is meant for low spec'd PC's and tablet as well as a wireless connection running on the 2.4GHz band.

[listNum=5]■Fire up a game on your Xbox One to test out your stream by clicking on "Play from Console" at the top right hand corner of the app.