Question How to transfer virtual machine to SATA ssd?

Hello, I currently have a WindowsXP SP3 virtual machine in VMWare. Since Microsoft doesn't have the trial iso for download, I am using a vhd image extracted from the xp mode program. I attached the vhd as a virtual G drive on my desktop pc and told vmware to boot fron that drive, which worked fine. I did install vmware tools, which I hope isn't causing the issues. I would like to copy this Windows XP virtual hard drive to an ssd and boot from it on my ivy bridge laptop, which should work and is compatible.
However, i have mounted the vhd as my G drive on my desktop and used easeus todo backup to clone the vhd to my Kingston sa400 ssd, and none of my computers see the drive as bootable from the bios. If i look inside the drive i see all of the files needed. How do i fix this? Ahci driver issue? I have found some driver but i have no clue what to do with them.
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Ok i may have just figured something out. I plugged the ssd into a newer non xp compatable laptop (bay trail pentium quad core from mid 2015) and i immediately get a recovery scren. I clicked "start windows normally". The system gets to the loading screen for a fraction of a second and restarts. I disabled auto restart and the problem is "acpi.sys stop: 0x0000007e" this laptop doesnt have drivers for xp nor many legacy bios settings, so it isnt going to work, but now i know the drive is bootable in csm mode. Ill try again with the other ivybridge laptop. I put the ahci drivers on the ssd but i dont know where to get acpi drivers for the laptop and how to slipstream them into the os.
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Ok so I put the SSD with XP into the IVY Bridge Toshiba Satellite L55 and changed all of the bios settings to legacy and now the laptop boots to windows recovery menu with an error pointing to no boot device. I dont know how to get the laptop to recognise the ssd and boot.
Boot mode: CSM
SATA controller: Compatability
Boot Speed: Normal
USB Legacy Emulation: Enabled