How to turn Working Offline OFF ?


Dec 2, 2011
....and then access the internet? Using Wista Home Premium and can't get access.

Tried ALT "f" and found the Working Offline - which was not ticked. Exited, restart nothing
Tried ALT "F" ticked Working Offline - restart,
Then ALT "F" and unticked - restart...nothing

Is the issue with the browser being stuck in work offline, or maybe you don't actually have internet access on the computer?

If you don't have access because of a router or network jack issue or something, trying to turn off Work Offline is about as useful as closing your eyes to avoid being seen by someone.

Are you connected to a network? Start a DOS prompt form the Run menu (type in cmd), run the "ipconfig" command. Post what you get for IP, Default Gateway.

Do you have other computers that work fine?

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