Question how to use ip cameras with network server

Sep 7, 2019
dear , i have problem with the IP cameras connect with the network , when i try to connect the ip cameras with the network the cameras are not stable (sometimes work, sometimes give error hosting network problem , how i can solve this problem?

If i change the NVR ip and default gateway network not connected and not work .
for example m NVR ip subnet default gatway , in this network connect and working but always ON OFF hosting error ,
if i cahnge NVR Ip, default gatway then network not connected and cannot see the cameras online.

how i can solve this problem .


Make and model NVR, what monitoring software are you using?

How many cameras?

Make and model router?

Only one device, the router should be assigning DHCP IP addresses and reserving static IP addresses.

Use the router's admin pages to set up a static IP address for the NVR and reserve that static IP address for the NVR using the NVR's MAC. Be sure that the static IP address is outside of DHCP IP addresses range allowed to the router.

Also ensure that the allowed DHCP IP address range is large enough to provide addresses to all of your network devices plus a couple of "extra's" for guest devices.

Draw a simple network diagram showing all devices and label each device with make and model. Work through the diagram and establish which devices are static and which devices are DHCP. There should be no duplicate IPs - however, DHCP devices will change their IP address as they join or leave the network. Provided that there is no requirement for the ip cameras to have aq static IP.

Do read the camera's installation manual regarding the required network IP address assignment(s).

Plan it out and first work on getting just one ip camera up and running. Use that experience to then get a second ip camera functional. Continue accordingly....