How to use multiple powerline adapters connected to 1 router?

Sep 24, 2018
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Sorry this is long, would appreciate any help, thank you!
I have two sets of powerline adapters that are different brands, one set is already in use, connected to the router itself and the other downstairs, used to extend the WiFi signal. I want to use the other set, which is supposed to connect one to the router and the other to my PS4. There’s only one slot available on the back of the router (4 total) that I can plug into, obviously I could switch them around if needed. Now when I tried connecting the pair of adapters I wanted to use (to the router and PS4) other people in the house noticed the WiFi stopped working (Ex: Using google to search something would not work, the status bar would move a little and then never load) yet the WiFi was still on and showed 3 full bars.
I searched for answers and tried just using 1 of the unused powerline adapters on the PS4 (NOT connecting the remaining one to the router) while the original set was still in use. I then tried to reset all 3 by pressing reset on the original one plugged into the router and the reset on the one in the PS4. It seemed to be working and all the adapters showed they were on and connected. Next I went to “Setup Internet Connection” on my PS4 using wired connection settings and I received an error saying it could not find my ip.
So next I did it manually, entering my ip, dns, etc. and it found my up but then said no internet connection. I tried raising my ip by 100 but got the same result.
Nothing has worked yet, any suggestions would be appreciated!


Aug 9, 2012
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In theory at least all the units are suppose to be able to run as a single network. That is why there is a homeplug standard. For whatever reasons there are issues making these work between brands and even between different models in the same brand. The newest av2 ones seem to work a bit better between vendors but you still see people complain.

The design you want to try to accomplish is a single powerline unit hooked to the router. You would then have 2 powerline units remote. All three units being in the same network with the same encryption keys.

The problem with using 2 pairs of powerline units is they interfere with each other. Since they use different encryption keys they do not interact with each other and both pairs attempt to use the same radio frequencies on the house wires.

Powerline units work really good and are simple to setup when you have just 2 units. It gets very messy when you have more especially if the units are not identical.

Not sure what to suggest since most are pretty stupid devices with silly single buttons to push. If your have a ability to log in and configure them in some way it maybe better to try it that way.