News How To Use The New Arduino IDE 2.0

Sep 29, 2022
Interesting that they choose an Eclipse-based platform. VS Code, as you mentioned, does however run quite fast, but suffers from serious cluttering and complexity issues, distracting from what we really want to do there, namely code...

The new Arduino IDE 2.0, may suffer from the same in the future, due to feature creep, etc etc...

As an alternative, have you ever had a look at Embeetle IDE ( ) , a Free to use embedded IDE, that is not cluttered, still stays super fast,

To be honest, chip support is not very big yet, but it is getting better all the time.
Would it be possible for "Tom's Hardware" to actually do a review on that? To give the makers out there another, less well-known option...

Just my 2 cents-- My apologies if anyone was offended or If it seems like spam.. which it is most definitely not..