How toset the windows 10 shutdown button to default to sleep

In windows 7, a right click on the shutdown button would let you change the default from shutdown to sleep or whatever.
I use sleep more than I use shutdown and I would like to set the default to sleep.
In windows 10, there seems to be no way to change that default.
If it matters, I am using windows classic shell, but I see no options there.

Windows power options are set to sleep.


It depends on what you call the "main tab", my 4.3.1 version of the app starts with the "start menu style" tab selected. The "basic settings" tab has the shutdown button options, yes you have to scroll down.

I am new to windows 10 and classic shell has been invaluable.
I think the tab that opens initially is the one last used.
The tab that contains the shutdown command option is titled Main Menu.
Anyway, thanks for the help.


You are both right. See the little check box at the top titled "Show all settings"? It appears as if one of you has this option checked, and the other one doesn't. Try checking/unchecking it.

If the option is checked, you will see the "Main Menu" tab, among many others.

If the option is unchecked, you will see a "Basic Settings" tab with 2 others.

I keep the option checked, but I personally think the categorization of the options is a mess. But that's a whole other discussion.

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