How upgrade from windows 7 home premium 32 bit to 64 bit


Mar 17, 2015
I would like to upgrade my os from 32 bit to 64.i have genuine windows 7.The problem is that i don't have installation os was pre-installed when i got it.
i want to make the full potential of my laptop.I have 4 gb ram and only 2 gb can be runned because of 32 bit .
please help.
Thanks in advance.


Mar 7, 2015
This is a VERY delicate procedure, so make sure you follow all the steps exactly :

Step 1: chuck your laptop out of your window(get it?)
Step 2: buy a new laptop
Relax and enjoy 64-bit windows!
Your Welcome.
Just correct you there windows out of the 4Gb you have fitted in the laptop will in fact see and use 3.25GB of the 4GB you have.
What you are forgetting is the laptop has on board video, and where it gets it`s video memory from is your system ram.

Or short to say part of the 3.25Gb, windows can physically access out of a total of the 4gb fitted to your laptop, being a 32bit version of the windows 7 os.

Hop into the bios and you should see an option where you can limit the amount of ram the graphics solution of the laptop takes from the main system memory of 4gb., 3.25gb windows 7 32bit can physically see and access out of the 4gb fitted in true reality.

Frame/ buffer size/ cache. option/ memory reservation for integrated video card solution.

You can often set the size it uses or reserves in the bios of the laptop from a max of 512mb to 128 or 64mb as the lowest reserve for video memory usage. taken from your main system ram of 3.25gb have a look for the option like I said in the bios of the laptop.

Failing that its a trip to any store that sells windows 7, buy an x64 version of windows 7.
But if you poke around in the bios and the option exists you will have a slight bit more memory for windows to use. If the option exist the freed up ram will be sent back for windows to use. if for example you set it to 64mb or less for video memory. it should help if you have problems with the laptop running slow or getting low on memory for windows ok.
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