How well will this run skyrim?


Dec 30, 2011
Hey guys, i am thinking about buying skyrim, i just need to know if my pc will run it decently.
My Specs are:
4 gb ddr3 ram (going to upgrade to 8 sooner or later)
AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 black edition
Gtx 430 1 gb
1tb hard drive
450w thermaltake power supply
Thanks, any help apprieciated
depending on rez and what patches you use. your looking medium settings but even then your gonna have low fps in the city. the game really does like quads 1s its been patched. i found the community patch better than the official patch so you may want to try it out if your performance doesnt meet your expectations.



Jan 12, 2012
Skyrim for the PC to this has been patched to use more than 2GB of VRAM and the ability to use 4-cores in the same patch. That was about 3 months ago. If you decide to run it on 1080P from personal experience it will run your sytem down like nothing, you'd have to overclock and even then. The GTX 430 isnt a bad GPU by any means but its not a 560+ so it wont run very well at all on 1080P. If you run it on 1600x900(depending if its a widescreen or not) you could probably get med to high, oh BTW if you run it on a higher resolution its less CPU intensive than 1280x720P with 4-8X AA on, even 2x. So i would ind a good res if you can and see if you can get 30+ FPS out of it. Guess and Check system would be great to do, thats what i had to do. ATM i can run skyrim at High everything at 1280x720P and the distance calculator settings i would set them to 8 or so and the tree LOD to 120 but i had this performance running: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T/ ATI HD 6670 1GB VRAM/ 8GB of 1333MHz RAM/ an ASRock N68 VS3 Motherboard. at this settings i would get anywhere from 35-60 fps with V-syn on (V-syn is passively on in Skyrim unless you go to Card settings and manually shut it off)