Review HP Envy 15 Review: Sitting at the Grown-Ups’ Table

OLED uses twice as much power as classic LED at 150 nits, indeed. But, the elephant in the room : the screen isn't the only part sucking power in this laptop, and yet its battery life is half that of comparable laptops with less battery... What else is gobbling up power?
gasp could it be... the CPU? Nah, it's Intel, they're at the top of the food chain with their CPUs since 2015. /sarcasm
Aug 25, 2020
Great Review,
I bought and have been using this laptop for 3 weeks. I love it as an everyday laptop. I'm no gamer, but heavy users. One issue that i have is with the power button on the HP Envy 15 version 2020. not only the placement is right next to the delete key. HP added a bright light to attract my finger to it. At least once a day, i hit the Power key instead of delete key. Many will say it's not a big deal as by default, it is set to SLEEP and not shut down. But when you use it. It's quite annoying.

Just thought i'd report the fix here. You can go in the power option and change the power key behavior.
Set it to do nothing when you press it.

If you hold the power key down the laptop will still cold shutdown.