Question HP Envy desktop. What's the general view of the HP computers?


Sep 6, 2013
I'm still using Dell with core2duo with ssd to replace the hdd. No gaming, just surfing the internet. Very basic uses, no video edits, etc. I want to upgrade, though, to better cpu and more rams. That's about it. Windows 10 home 64 bit free upgrade version, and I have 4 gb ram. Geforce gtx 750 ti with 2gb memory. I want to future proof?
I get all computers, family also, from Dell because of the after sales service and diy replacement info floating around in the web. So I'm not familiar with other brands.
XPS 8930 (intel i5) looked interesting, but there are some talk about its under-performing cpu cooler. Chassis, also, is very crowded. I want to be able to add my own very silent, bigger fans if I want.
HP envy 795 looks like it has more room inside but did HP maintain its past reputation? Are it's mobo and psu components about the same as DELL?

Also, if there's no face grill for fans, do current desktops get the air from the top? I am willing to cut the front bezel although if that kind of cuts may make the plastic vibrate?


Dec 9, 2018
First of all, a dedicated graphics card won't be much helpful for basic tasks; even 1080p YouTube should be fine.
Also, unless you open a ton of tabs, 4gb should cut it, although 8gb is becoming the minimum these days.
Are it's mobo and psu components about the same as DELL?
As far as I know, oem's like HP or Dell etc. use their own motherboards/power supplies. They have their own ecosystem and they might not work perfectly with third party components (like adding ram sticks that are not from HP/Dell/etc.).

What's your budget though? Buying the parts and putting them together yourself is cheaper (although a single warranty for the entire computer can be more convenient).