HP laserjet m402n has stopped printing.


I'm the IT person for our office and 99.999% of the time I solve printer/scanner computer problems just fine this one though has me really stuck. We have a person who has a Dell Optiplex 7020.It originally had Windows 7 Enterprise but as since had an in place upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise.Since then there have been nothing but problems with USB peripheral devices like printers and scanners. The most recent is her HP laserjet m402n has stopped printing. I went though all the normal troubleshooting steps. I restarted the machine then uninstalled and re-installed the printer. When none of that worked I tried a different USB cable. None of that worked so I thought maybe the the USB port was dead so I tried different USB ports again no change. Finally I switched out the printer with a different one of the same model and again nothing. Anything else I can try. When I try to print the print job shows up for a fraction of a second then disappears. Its like the job is getting lost on the way to the printer.