Apr 10, 2010
I am looking at A HP Pavilion S5310F desktop PC with AMD Athlon ll X2 250 dual-core processor & windows 7 home premium what can you tell me about this system I download alot of music & store pics. dont play online games much would this PC be a good fit
For what you will be using it for, it's adequate.

It's very limited in upgradability. It comes with a 64bit OS, but it only has 2 RAM slots, and both are occupied.

It's got the slowest DDR3 RAM.

It's a slimline PC with poor airflow. It does have an open PCIe x16 slot, so you could upgrade the graphics down the road if you wanted. However, because of the poor airflow, it could turn your system into an oven. Plus, it's a slimline, so PSU upgrades will be limited.