HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?

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I insist, the Palm WebOS is made for and used by corporate users, the iPad is for mere mortals and womans, the Android for Geeks. What class of user are you? If you think in the sinergy the best you can do it is use it to understand it and easy to use and more powerful and helpful to people with less time, if you think in have more and more apps with a mere one use overall, you need an iPad, if you need to test all, trust me, the Android tablets is the right thing for you.
In a world dominated by youngs who likes ear a lot of music and see videos and use social networks the winner are easy to find: iPad.
But like I said in the executive world nothing beats sinergy and the real multitasking and the real view of cards group, but the finnest GUI is the best thing you can find here.
Geeks, you can make a lot more "things" in a Droid tablet because is a dream, that cost less, with almost the same apps than iPad.
The extrange thing like have a camera or two, usb ports only indicate dependency in the old tech, think, now all is in the cloud. The camera is a unmanagable thing especially because the size of the tablets.
I don't belive that buy a touchpad is a waste of money, the writter of that maybe never use one and their opinion is not true.
I already use all and I feel the better are WebOS, Android and iOS in that order, easy use, powerful and beauty.

Nascar Dog

Jan 12, 2010
I kinda like my new 32GB TouchPad now that I overclocked it to it's true potential of 1.5 GHz.
For $150.00 I am impressed.
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