Question HP Z620 Motherboard vs. Intel E5-2695 v2


Jun 1, 2017
I have posted in the HP forums about this but Im not sure how active they are.

asking here in the off chance someone might have information about this

I have a Z620 Motherboard SP# 708614-001, AS# 618264-002 which i am hearing from multiple sources, supports v2 CPU's based on those model #'s

I am (attempting) plugging in an Intel E5-2695 v2
RAM im attempting to use is G. Skill 4GB sticks 1333 mhz NON ECC REGISTERED
And a EVGA GPU I 100% know works.
500w PSU

The issue at hand is I turn the system on with absolutely no signal to the monitor, and an eventual wind-up of basically every fan in the system. Solid blue light on the light labeled "CR18". I have seen this issue discussed.

Could this even remotely be a RAM issue? My understanding was the 620's can use regular RAM. Not sure.

the big one: Can this board version (SP# 708614-001, AS# 618264-002) have a BIOS that's still not flashed for v2 CPUS?
Is that even possible?
And I guess just to be double sure, can ANYTHING else cause the black monitor with fan-wind up issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I am on my 3rd motherboard here from eBay and the restocking fees are making this project substantially more costly than expected.
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