Review HP ZBook 15 G6 Review: Maxxed Out Workstation

Mar 26, 2020
Just a correction: The text says "Our model also didn’t have a HDD or SATA SSD, and there’s room for one of those to be added.", however this is not actually true. Please check the photo, on the bottom right hand side it looks like there is space for the 2.5" drive, but some part of the motherboard (about 1" x 2.5", blue with 3 square chips) protrudes into this space. There is also no SATA connector. I know what I'm talking about as I have exactly the same machine and I found to my surprise that I could not add another drive. The HP support people were as puzzled as me but they confirmed that this is true. When you go through the HP "configurator" you will find that the option of an extra 2.5" drive is not actually available if you have the Xeon chip. What makes it very confusing is that HP will ship a cradle for the 2.5" drive, but it cannot be used. A colleague has the ZBook G6 with i9 chip and there the space is available and a 2.5" drive can be added with ease.


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