Question HTPC Wake from Sleep by IR


Jul 30, 2012
I’m hoping someone has a trick to this.
I have just set up an HTPC on Windows 10 with a Zotac ZBox Magnus EN1060K.

The only nuisance, is wake-up from sleep. The box has a built in IR sensor, recognized by my Harmony One remote as a WMC IR Remote. However, the box only wakes up from USB, not from the IR. So it will go to sleep when I change modes with the Harmony, but it won’t wake up unless I punch a key on the USB keyboard.

I Have an older generation FLIRC and tried to play around with that, but you can’t customize the Harmony One like you used to since they changed the app and i’m not sure it would work anyway. I was able to program the FLIRC to react to the WMC IR command for sleep. It will only go to sleep though, still won't wake up. (This is using the FLIRC with the on board CIR disabled, so I know the FLIRC recognizes the command.

So does anyone know how to make a HTPC wake by IR from sleep mode with a Haromony? I’m not beyond buying other hardware , newer Harmony remote or the newer generation FLIRC if I knew it would work. I just don’t want to throw away money at it, because everything else works fine.

Is there a WMC USB IR receiver I could use with the current setup. Since it will wake by USB from the keyboard, this should work, but I'm not sure why the FLIRC won't so I may be disappointed.

Thanks in advance.