Question Huge Packet Loss / Connectivity Issues only on one PC

May 31, 2020
I'm posting here kind of as a last resort to see if I can get second opinions on what might be going wrong with my connection. I'm a tech guy and I have been building PCs for years, so I have a fairly good grasp on networking and how PCs operate in general.

I upgraded my PC a couple of weeks ago with a new MOBO, processor & power supply. Immediately after upgrading I had noticed horrible connectivity issues with my WIFI (a wired connection isn't possible in my apartment). I stay stable at a low 20 MS and experience huge spikes up and beyond 2500 MS, which doesn't force me out of discord or out of a game, but basically freezes everything in place temporarily.

Here are the things I've tried:

New Wireless Adapter
Reinstalling all drivers, uninstalled any possible conflicting drivers
Reinstalled Windows
Double checked all MOBO/Power Supply connections for error
Switched from 5GHZ to 2.4GHZ and back to 5GHZ
Reset router back to defaults, reconfigured
Tried Google DNS
Reverted all of my hardware upgrades back to the original parts I had been using before
Played around with the adapter settings in Device Manager

I have done packet loss tests on every device in my house, during the times that my PC is experiencing this packet loss, and even devices further away from mine are testing fine. It's just my PC experiencing this. I have no idea what to do.

Through all of that, I still experience massive packet loss / latency spikes. I can't figure it out. My wifi has been working fine for the entire year that I've lived here, I really really don't know what to do and I feel lost because it makes playing games very difficult and talking to friends is very frustrating with how often my voice and their voice will freeze and cut out. I can't do anything.

If you have any suggestions for me to try, I'll pretty much be willing to try anything at this point.

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Apr 17, 2020
DO NOT use google DNS. Try switching the DNS servers to these instead. <-- for the main server and <-- for the secondary server. These make your WiFi faster and a lot more secure.


Nov 12, 2010
You shouldn't need to change your DNS from your ISP. Any authentication/deauthentication? Do you ever lose wifi connection completely? What kind of router are you using?