Review HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: Slick Simplicity


Jan 23, 2009
Thanks for the review.
My take after reading this:
No media keys or silly knobs = good thing.
I'd rather see a brightness/color knob on the board to control that rgb stuff, and not require the use of any software ever (so linux/osx or even just simple office folk can use the board).

I had to modify my Corsair keyboard to remove the media keys, bondo and repaint because no boards with quality keys existed without that clutter.
Also several of the led backlights burnt out, so I had to desolder the led controller chip from the board's pcb (really would have liked to have backlighting).

My corsair mouse has similar problems, the leds couldn't be turned off without using windows software, so I had to take it apart and desolder the leds from the pcb and put it back together. I've only ever needed 2 buttons and a roller on my mice and prefer laser over optical.

I won't even get into razer product quality, i've broken 3 of their mice and one of their keyboards. They last about a week before parts snap off.

The joys of NOT being a windows gamer using proprietary nonsense software for each device you buy.
It's difficult to find a mouse with a quality sensor and no extra keys or led nonsense (impossible). And it's difficult to find a keyboard with quality mechanical switches and no extra nonsense. Backlighting might be nice, but really, RGB purple blinking stuff that can't be turned off ... no thanks. How about white, red, blue, green with a selector switch and a brightness knob.
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Sep 1, 2016
If you like this KB, you should really take a look at the cheaper ET ROBOT RGB mechanical keyboard, mine came with clicky blue switches, but they are 'hot swappable' so you can fit pretty much whatever switches you like, I intend to replace them with some ice dark purples, in my humble opinion it's a much better value buy and looks better, because it also has customizable lighting all around its edge.
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