Question I am confused about this pc setup !!

Jul 24, 2017
Hello all ! I thanks all who helped me in this thread .

I am in a doubt about my PC build which would be made just after 20 days from now.

I am fan of RGB and i really love it.
I have made 2 seperate Pc builds in my mind.
  1. CPU - I5 9600KF
  2. MOBO - Asus TUF Z370 plus
  3. RAM - Gskill Trident Z Royal ( 16GB ) [ 3000 MHZ ]
  4. GPU - RTX 2060
  5. PSU - Antec Neo Eco 650 watts.
  6. CASE - ANTEC DF500
In this build i taken care of rgb fully and i have chosen each part very nicely.

But , but here is the problem
I am in india and i have got a budget of 1 lakh rupees only and monitors, keyboard i have from my old PC.
1 Lakh (100000 rupees) { 1450 $ in US }
and i cannot buy components every year so it HAS TO BE FUTURE PROOF FOR quite a some time.
And my 2nd PC is with no RGB , just RAW perfomance.
  1. CPU - I5 9400f
  2. MOBO - ASUS TUF B360
  3. RAM - Corsair vengeance LPX 3000 MHZ {16 gb}
  4. GPU - RTX 2070
  5. PSU - Antec neo eco 550 watts
  6. CASE - ANTEC DF500
PLz help what should i do here i cannot spend more than this and want good performance with good looks too.

PLZ donot tell me to Go with RYZEN ..
Donot hate me i know ryzen is a pure BEAST but its my personal choice.
You say you want future proof but then say not to pick Ryzen. Personally I don’t like the current i5’s for gaming as they don’t have much headroom, there are already games that can push very high usage across all 6 cores. We saw what happened to the older quad core i5’s, they really started to struggle in recent years compared to the 8 thread older i7. I really expect the same will happen with the current i5. If me if you want Intel then go i7, otherwise go Ryzen.

Sorry I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear but in my opinion your decision to use an i5 contradicts your requirements for a system that will last longer.