Question I am getting static and crackling on all audio devices

Feb 1, 2023
I am having this issue where no matter what I am playing or where (from any dac, amp, port (tried line out, 3.5mm, optical, USB) I am having this distortion. I have tried everything to fix it (roll back audio drivers, mobo bios etc) and nothing works. The only exception is Bluetooth which has no issue. I don't see how this could be happening especially with optical because it is only getting light from the PC. All of the audio is plugged into a different powerstrip, but the same outlet.

x470 gaming 7

Audio specs (all audio uses a separate ac adapter)
topping e30
topping l30
aiyima A07
focal elex
kef q150


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Can you please add the make and model of your PSU and it's age? BIOS version for your motherboard would a good piece of info to add. Have you tried working with another wall outlet? Also, have you verified that the wall outlet is grounded?