Question I am not sure if my case fans are changing speed ?


Apr 2, 2008
EDIT: I have sorted this out. All set now.

First and foremost, I don't believe I am overheating, and all my games are performing well and I haven't had any overheating issues as far as I am aware.

But considering my specs below I have all fans in the case aside from the Galahad fans connected to the controller that comes with it, then the controller is connected to the three places as per the instructions.

The galahad fans are connected to the motherboard cpu fan header because the motherboard would not let me get past bios without having something connected to it.
The Galahad fans do ramp up when gaming as far as I can tell. The GPU ramps up of course, but if I am not mistaken the bottom three uni fans an the side fans in the case are staying a static speed. I could be wrong on this, as this is just me putting my hand near the intake/exhaust.

I do have the controller working as I was able to get L-Connect to see them and sync the lights to AuraSync after doing a firmware update for it.

What is making me even check this in the first place is due to the other 2 sets of fans being connected to the controller my motherboard only sees the CPU ones from the Galahad and the aio cooler connected when in BIOS.

The L-Connect software only seems to be for lights as far as I can tell.

Is there any way I can check this?
Do I need to go in and connect the other two sets of fans direct to the motherboard in this instance? Or is there some software I haven't gotten for my MB that will detect them connected to the controller as case fans?

Also, I wouldn't mind knowing what you guys all use to monitor things while in a game so you can see what is happening? I would be interested if my GPU and CPU are working full power and not ramping down or something due to heat. Though as far as I am aware everything is working fine. I am maxing out my monitors 165hz in most games at 1440p.

Any help appreciated.

System Specs
Case: PC 011 Dynamic
Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero
Memory: G Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 6400
Processor: Intel 12900k
GPU: EVGA GForce RTX 3090 ti FTW3 Ultra
PSU: Corsair HX 1200 Platinum
CPU Cooler: LIan Li Galahad Uni Fan Edition
Case Fans: Lian Li SL120 x 6 side and bottom
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