Question I am trying to build a secondary rig for gaming for cheap for my friend. Can someone see if these parts are compatible.


The prebuilt I am upgrading is this

The GPU I am using is a RX 580 4gb or a RX 570 8gb.

I will be connecting the two with a 6 to 8 pin adapter. Will this work and does anyone have anymore ideas on how to make the current build more powerful while keeping the total build near 200?
Using power adapters is not a good idea, especially with an old power supply, unless the goal at some point is to roast marshmallows over the case flames. It's also a 10 year old CPU which was good when new, but not very good with modern games.

Do you have that computer or are you planning on buying it to upgrade? With adapters you are gambling reliability for cheapness and while they may work, they are not the safest things to use. I'd advice your friend to wait till he can buy a newer system with a power supply made for the video cards that will be used.
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