Question I broke and scratched some smd on my gpu and it's not working anymore

Dec 17, 2022
Hi, first of all I know I am a moron for doing something like this recklessly, I hope I learned a lesson. I was changing the fans on gpu and I couldn't unscrew the bottom right screw from the plastic, so I kept turning the plastic part that protects smd on gpu around and I didn't notice that I was damaging the bottom right part of my gpu. I broke 1 tiny piece above U517 text and it's scratched all around it. It looks like this: View:

Gpu fans won't start and I get no signal now, I have tried reseating gpu, removing ram etc. just in case, nothing worked. Does anyone know if there is something I can do, gpu is already dead so I don't have anything to lose.
This may or may not work, but at least the step forward is pretty simple:
  • Find another identical PGU and take note of the number on the component. You better hope it is a resistor because those usually have numbers that may reveal the value. It have to match.
    • Otherwise: if it is a capacitor, you have to get the schematic in order to figure the actual value. Depending on the purpose, it may or may not be very important to replace with excact same value.
  • Then you need to order a new component. Chances are you have to order a package of 50pc or more.
  • Then you need to have proper solder equipment. With some practice, soldering SMD's are doable - the tip on the solder iron and soldering lead must be very thin. You also need soldering tools to remove old soldering lead.
  • Also, all handling of the GPU require you taking neccesary steps in order to prevent ESD damage.
In aditional, if you've scraped the pcb traces away, repairing may be very difficult because if you cannot see the pcb traces original path you just cannot reair unless schematic. And even then, there is the problem with signal distortion if you add extra wires not part of original design. So even if you somehow manage to wire together all the traces as they where before, it still may not work.