I can see my external hard drive in device manager/safely remove but not in disk management nor in CMD

Jun 22, 2018
Hi guys!
Just need some help with regards on my external hard drive (seagate) i used my external hdd as a storage of diff. Movies, one day i used my external in my flat screen to watch a movie after that i turned off my tv for about a couple of hours, when i turned it on again the tv my hd doesn't responded it can't be detected. So i checked it on my computer, it doesnt show up in my computer nor in disk management. But i can see in device manager but i noticed under other devices, there's unknown device plus other with yellow sign.I tried to install paragon driver but the problem still persist.. I even checked at Cmd and ran 'chkdsk' but my external wasn't there..i browse a lot of videos in youtube but i can't see any solution there. Im just checking here.. If i can get a clear solution here.. Hope you could help me guys..

Thanks in advance
Hello makicontagious888 , what most likely happened here is that as the TV does not have an eject option, and by removing the HDD it damaged the file system. Your drive still is functional, you just have to format it again. Sorry about that but TV's have their own OS and can conflict with HDD's.

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