Question I can't figure out what is wrong with my PC

Jul 12, 2021
A few weeks ago while the PC was running, the monitor suddenly said No signal and that was it, trying to push the power button did nothing and so I shut down the computer directly from the power source button. I don't think it's a software issue, recently had to do a fresh reinstall of Windows due to a failed update, but it was running just fine after and all drivers were up to date. I just can't get it to work, these are the things I've tried since I had some old spare parts and switched them around to maybe figure out what hardware issue I am having:

  1. Tried a different monitor + different cable, no change.
  2. Switched graphics card between old pc and current one, the older pc had no problem booting so the graphics card seems fine, current pc no change.
  3. Switched memory, no change.
  4. Switched cpu, no change.
  5. Switched the motherboard with a new one, no change.
  6. I tried a different power supply, no change.
I am completely stuck at this point, I really thought it was the motherboard that failed but now it just seems like it isn't? I can't even get into BIOS because I don't see anything on the screen.