Question I can't find the Secure Boot option ?

Mar 6, 2023
Hi. I have an older fujitsu esprimo p 900 0 case,with an i7 2600 and a rx 560. I installed faceit for csgo,an its anticheat said i must have secure boot enabled.
Im on windows 11,and i bypassed the requirements for it using the rufus method. My bios mode is UEFI but the secure boot says unsupported. I enabled TPM in bios,my windows drive is GPT,i also saw something about disabling legacy usb mode so i did and still cant find secure boot option in bios (btw the bios is older,the american megatrends from 2010 i believe).
Does anyone know whats going on here? I know the legacy version doesnt support secure boot but i thought uefi does? Also why does my pc not show uefi firmware settings in windows recovery but the system is uefi?
Can anyone help me turn on Secure Boot?