Question I did an installation video

Already from the start you didn't show how you install the RAM or why you chose those exact DIMM slots. Neither did you show how you installed the AIO and apply thermal paste (if you didn't use the pre-applied paste) as well as the back-plate.

It's hard to tell who you're making this for but it's definitely not for people who are brand new to making computers. You don't explain what you're plugging and to where you're plugging it into. For example the GPU power cables; some PSU's have similar 8 pin cables for the CPU as well and if you plug the wrong type of cable that was meant for the CPU into the GPU then you have an issue on your hands. I know you showed the cables to the camera that you were going to plug in but the time is sped up and you didn't explain anything, you just plugged it in.

Also you didn't show where you plugged in the fan cables, you completely skipped that scene, one moment the cable is dangling the next they're already plugged in.

Overall: It's a really bad guide for amateurs and the time sped-up along with the music doesn't help. That kind of effect is only useful if you're making a build that's meant to be shown-off. Not for video guides or how-to's. This video probably won't cause any harm and may provide a little help but I'm being generous. You need to take the time and explain what you're doing.

You also need to work on your camera angles. You probably don't have the best equipment but some things need to be given proper footage so newbies know EXACTLY what you mean. Visuals are very important for people following along, how can they follow what they can't see?

But now re-reading your video title, was this just a review of the case? If so you should name it accordingly. You make it sound like it's a how to guide.
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