Question I dont understand rgbw strips

Jul 25, 2020
I just switched out my asus b450 motherboard for a gigabyte b450 aorus m motherboard. After taking apart and rebuilding it, i realized that the gigabyte mobo has a 5-pin 12v rgbw header. I didnt even know these existed until right then. My 4-pin 12v rgb is working with it for now but the connection is unstable and i think one of the lights isnt working because i want the color to be pink but when i set it to pink, it shows up blue; and when i set it to green it shows up pink. With that being said, i've tried my hardest to find a 12v 5-pin rgbw strip but im having no luck. Everytime i find one, it seems more for outdoor lighting or like lighting for your room that you put on your walls. Im not exactly sure if theyre also compatible with installing it into the motherboard. If anybody knows of a 12v 5-pin rgbw strip that connects straight into the motherboard- PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks in advance :)


The W 5th pin is for white. Most RGB don't have a true white. RGB stands for red, green, blue.

It adds a true white led. pin led strip&cm_re=5_pin led strip--9SIAA6P5812205--Product

In the overview notes it says it needs a kit to work I'm not sure of that but that is what it says.

Here is a decent video or RGB.