Question I found a fix for my stuttering issue.

Dec 17, 2018
For my rig, I have been upgrading it for the past year trying to get rid of this stutter that made games unenjoyable. I think I found my fix. In my bios, my CPU core voltage was bouncing from 1.18 volts to 1.17 volts on auto. A while ago I didn't think this was the problem for my performance issues nor did I know that I could change it. Only last night did I figure out how to change it and I bumped it up to a steady 1.2volts; so far it fixed all my stuttering issues.
Good for you!

But, in terms of a thread on this forum, no-one has any idea what your talking about really, other than you've set your CPU voltage manually to 1.2

Listing your system specs exactly might help other users decide if your advice is good. You could be running an Intel system or an AMD system. Putting in 1.2v on an Intel CPU will work (CPU dependent), most likely won't work on a current AMD system.

Being more specific might help others.

Also, unless you are OC'ing your current CPU, your fix might not work in general terms. The mobo might be different, with different options. Some mobo's allow you to change the CPU voltage. Others don't. If you were OC'ing your CPU and experiencing stutters, I would put that down to an unstable OC. Your solution could very well fix your issue, but not for others with stuttering in game. There are many reasons why that could be. Memory issues, CPU issues, GPU (vram) issues.

Lots to consider.

Good luck and happy gaming :)