I get same FPS on all settings in all games with fairly new components


Sep 20, 2012
So this issue has been driving me nuts for a long time now and I really do need massive help. I have mainly been playing Diablo 3, SWTOR, and now primarily Guild Wars 2.

The jist of it is that in all of these games no matter what resolution I put the game on (from 800x600 to my monitor native 2560x1600) with settings on lowest or highest I basically get the same frame rates.

My rig is as follows:
Dell Precision T7400
Xeon X5482 @ 3.2 GHz (2 processors for total of 8 cores)
8 GB memory running at 800 mhz
MSI Radeon 7870 Twin Frozr OC with 2 GB memory
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Nothing is overclocked all at stock speeds

I have done driver sweeper and cleaned up all my drivers that I can think of and installed the newest Catalyst 12.8.

All I want to be able to do is drop my settings or resolution on some of these games and get a little more FPS. For example, it is very frustrating to get 35 to 65 fps when I am solo questing in GW2 on MAX all settings (except shadows/shaders at medium and post processing low) at 2560x1600 and then go into WvW (larger battles) and drop down to 20 to 30 fps. Regardless of what graphic options I use I can't get any more FPS in WvW.

Also, I run task manager on the side and watch AMD Overdrive usage at all times and RARELY does my CPU or GPU usage go up to 60 or 70% and only about 4.5 gb of my memory is being used out of the 8 gb so I don't see what could be my bottleneck.

I booted up CS:Source just to check out what I'm getting and I can get a pretty constant 120 to 200 FPS on max settings and max resolution with VSync off. Not sure if that adds any info.

At this point I have read the internet a million times over, and I am leaning toward a clean install of Windows or just waiting for Windows 8 and installing that and seeing if that solves my issues.

Please, please please any help would be very appreciated. This has been driving me nuts.


Dec 7, 2011
You are gaming on a workstation. Your CPUs aren't meant for gaming. Your GPU isn't particularly the best choice for gaming on such a high resolution. I'd blame your systems composition.

I doubt a clean install would change anything.